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Market Research and Analysis for Apartment Projects

The analysis of apartment/for-rent projects requires research that focuses not only on the current market performance, but also the current and projected supply, demand, absorption and mobility rates.   By studying the macro factors such as employment growth, new supply, demographic projections and micro factors related to the income-driven demand of household incomes, product concept and project competitive advantages, we can define where a project's potential can be enhanced.   Because the war for the consumer is won at the unit-type level,  we examine the market at the unit-type and square footage level.

Foley & Puls has extensive experience in all types of apartment/for-rent projects including:

  • Garden Apartments
  • Wrap and Podium
  • Mid-Rise
  • High Rise




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In addition to new construction, we can also peform market research for exisiting projects to evaluate competitive porjects and supply and research reports on specific markets.

Each project is unique but we typically review the following factors as part of our apartment market research projects:

  • Market Performance
  • Current and Future Supply
  • Target Markets
  • Demand Drivers (Macro & Micro)
  • Project Competitive Advantages
  • Product Concept
  • Manager Interviews
  • Absorption Rates
  • Mobility Rates
  • Renter/Buyer Behaviors